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12twenty is your one-stop shop for a personalized career development journey.

Review the 12twenty Student Toolkit here.

Not sure where to start, or know exactly what you need? Use your 12twenty account to:

  • Schedule a career counseling appointment

    • CCD career counselors can help with major and grad school exploration, career assessments, resume reviews, mock interviews, and more!

  • Search and apply to externships, internships, jobs, and on-campus interviews

    • Employers want to hire Rice talent. 12twenty is the CCD’s job and internship database.

      • Unlike other job search websites, employers who post in 12twenty are specifically looking for Rice students and alumni.

      • Use 12twenty to apply for externships, internships, jobs, on-campus interviews, and to RSVP to events.

  • Use Research Tools to explore Rice-specific outcome information including salaries, industries, offer timelines, job sources, graduate schools, and more!

  • Explore upcoming events, employer profiles, and career fair attendees

    • RSVP for workshops and employer events including information sessions, on-campus interviews, and career fairs.

  • Access great resources including FOCUS II, SkillsFirst, What Can I Do With This Major, Vault, and more!

    • Resources are available 24/7 on 12twenty for exploring career paths, compiling your resume, CV, and cover letters, interviewing, international student information, professional attire, and more.

Rice University and the Center for Career Development (CCD) makes no representations or guarantees about positions posted by employers through this office. The CCD is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of off-campus employment. Due to the volume of jobs received by this office, we are unable to research the integrity of each organization or person that lists a job with us. Therefore, you are urged to undertake this responsibility yourself. If you are suspicious about a job listed in 12twenty, please email us.

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How to log in

  • Navigate to
  • Select the “Login with your NetID” button.
  • Provide your Rice log-in through the Single Sign-On (SSO) portal.
    • If you are a current Rice student, you should be able to log in through the SSO portal. If you receive any kind of error message, please screenshot the message and send it to us at so we can correct any issues with your account.
    • If you are a new Rice student, your account may not have been created yet. You will not be able to access 12twenty until the registrar shares with the CCD that you have matriculated. You will be notified via email when the CCD creates an account for you in 12twenty.


How do I make an appointment with a career counselor?
  • Login to 12twenty to make an appointment with a career counselor.
  • Click on "Appointments" from the menu on the left-side menu on your dashboard.
  • From here, you can navigate to your preferred date, career coach, or type of appointment.
  • Simply click on your preferred appointment block/time and the “Book Appointment” button
  • Next fill in the quick appointment form so your counselor knows how to prepare for the meeting
    • Select your preferred appointment type, time, see all pertinent information about the career coach, and provide additional information to help your coach better understand your appointment needs.
  • The “Attachments” area is excellent for notifying your career counselor about the employment opportunities you are considering, resumes, cover letters, documents that need to be reviewed. This allows you to maximize the time you have with your counselor.
    • Simply drag and drop any relevant attachments or choose a file from your computer.
  • The booked appointment will show up on the “My Calendar” tile of your homepage to easily remind you!
How do I RSVP for events on 12twenty?
  • Head over to the Events module on the left-side menu on your dashboard to see all of the upcoming events (On Campus, Off Campus, and Virtual)
    • Here you can apply filters to target your search, for example: add the "Event Type = Job Fair" filter to quickly find the job fairs available.
  • Open an event's details page by clicking on the name of the event. From here, you can click the “Register” button in the top right hand corner to RSVP.
    • Some events are “time-slotted” like Mock Interviews and Coffee Chats so you’ll be able to register for a specific time instead
      • On the Event Details tab of a “time-slotted” event, you will click “Select Time-Slot” button to select your time
      • Note: Students may only register for one time-slot per event.
    • Some events, like Career Expos, give you the opportunity to see a list of all the employers that plan to attend the event. You can do your research before the event start date.
      • On the Event page, you will be able to click on the “Employers” tab of the event to see and search through a list of all attending employers.
    • Some events may require you to submit a document (like a resume) to confirm your registration. Once you have clicked to “Register” for the event, you will be prompted to upload the necessary document(s) on the next page.
  • Once you are registered, you will see a confirmation screen, and you will also receive an email confirmation.
How do I apply for jobs and internships in 12twenty?
  • Navigate to “Jobs and Internships" on the left-side menu on your dashboard
    • All Tab - Shows you every type of opportunity you can apply for
    • Campus Interview Tab - Click on this tab if would like to sort for employers who are partnering with the CCD to host interviews for the listing they have open
    • Job Listings Tab - Click on this tab if would like to sort for just the job and internship listings
    • Rice Student Employment Tab - Click on this tab to sort for on-campus jobs hiring Rice students
    • 12twenty Job Listings Tab - The job listings on this tab allow you to see job opportunities from diverse nation wide and global employers. These are sourced and provided by our technology partner, 12Twenty, and usually require you to apply via the employers preferred portal
    • Applied Tab - This tracks your applications for listings within 12twenty
    • My Interview Availability Tab - Here you can block off any times you are not available for interviews with employers. This is optional and not required to participate in campus interviews.
How do I interview on campus?

Some employers partner with the CCD to host interviews for the jobs and internships they have posted on 12twenty. If you apply for these jobs and internships, you may be invited to interview with the employer and schedule your interview through 12twenty. Campus interviews may be hosted physically on the Rice campus or virtually.

  • From the "Jobs and Internships" tab, click the "Campus Interviews" tab to review the job and internship postings with attached campus interviews.
  • Click on the name of a job or internship posting to view the details, and click the "Apply" button and complete the application as normal.
  • If you are extended an interview, you will receive an email prompting you to log into 12twenty to pick your interview time.
    • You can click the link in the confirmation email or navigate to the OCI listing from the Applied tab to select an interview time.
    • You will see a list of all the available interview slots and you can pick your desired interview time by clicking the “Select Time” button.
    • Once you have selected an interview time, you will receive an email confirming your interview time and the location of the interview (On Campus, Off Campus, or Virtual).
    • Once the administrative team releases the final interview schedule you will receive one final email confirming your interview and time.
    • The interview will also appear on the “My Calendar” tile of your Homepage and in the “My Interview Availability Calendar” tab of the Jobs and Internships module.
What are the 12twenty Research Tools, and how do I use them?

With the Research Tools in 12twenty, you can explore valuable, Rice-specific insights into market trends, salary data, and employment and graduate school opportunities in real time (and in a completely anonymous way). The information you'll find in Research Tools has been collected by the CCD through our First Destination and Internship surveys. You will be able to learn about the potential career paths that are available to you based on your program, career preferences, and experience. These can also help you navigate the next steps in your career and negotiate your compensation for both internships and post-graduate jobs.

Steps for navigating the Research Tools:

  • Select "Research Tools" from the the left-side menu on your dashboard.
  • Navigate to the each sub tool within the "Research Tools" module.
  • From here, select the “attribute” filter you want to investigate by clicking on the “change” button next to the standard filter on the page.
  • This will enable you to see “Recommended Attributes” or to click the “See Complete List” button to enable a pop-up of all the filter options.
    • Filter options include College/School, Employer, Industry, Major, Graduation Year, Metro Area, and more.

Take time to explore each of the Research Tools available in 12twenty.

  • The Outcomes Index provides a high level overview of the employment data collected by Compensation and Total Number of Offers for any given attribute selected (College/School, Employer, Industry, Metro Area, etc.).
    • Example: Select the "Industry" attribute and sort by Average Base Salary to view which Industry has the highest Average Base Salary.
  • The Salary Database is a powerful research tool that leverages historical salary data collected to provide current students with information about realistic salary statistics and trends. Students that have access to and analyze salary information during their career search can compare job offers based on salary, benefits, and other compensation to confidently negotiate an employment offer.
    • Example: A student receives a job offer in the “Technology Industry” and uses the Salary Database to understand how the salary offered to them, compares to other salaries offered in their selected industry.
  • The Offer Timeline is a tool that depicts a bar graph by month of when diverse employers, industries, practice areas, functions, etc (based on the attribute you select) extend job offers.

    • Example: A student that wants to pursue a career in the Technology industry wants to understand the time of year that hiring for this industry is concentrated in so that they can focus their job search efforts. The data displayed will be the total number of job offers extended each month.

  • Offer Job Source is a tool that allows you to identify which job search efforts lead to the best ROI for the type of internship or job a student is seeking so that you can focus your time on the right job search initiatives.

    • Example: A student wants to know the best way to find employment in the Medical Device industry. The data will display in a pie chart with the correlating key to the right of the chart.

  • The Offer Trends tool allows you to visualize how job offers from various employers, industries, practice areas, functions, etc (based on the attribute you select) have trended over time.

    • Example: A student wants to see how job offers in the Technology Industry have trended over the last few years.

  • The Graduate School tool allows students to search the database to better understand where their classmates have gone on to graduate school. Please note that this tool is in the development stage. If you have questions about graduate school outcomes beyond what can be displayed in the tool, please reach out to the CCD at

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