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On-Campus Student Employment

Thank you for helping our students grow professionally through work study and on-campus employment opportunities!

Here at the CCD we are happy to help you share these opportunities with Rice students through Handshake.

Handshake is Rice University's one stop shop for Rice students' career development needs!

As an employer, Handshake allows you to post your position and review applications all in one user friendly platform.

We are excited to get you and your team on Handshake as soon as possible to hire Rice students for on-campus opportunities!

Below, you will find a step by step guide on:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ann McAdam Griffin, Associate Director.

How to Create an Account

Register for Handshake using this link.

To learn how to create an employer account on Handshake, watch this short video. There also are written instructions below.

1. Registration Link: Click here to begin the registration process. The page that you are redirected to will allow you to create an account and to automatically join Rice University's employer page on Handshake. Please do not attempt to create an employer page on Handshake for your specific department. The CCD is not able to support employer accounts not connected to the main Rice University page.

2. Account information: Fill in your information to the best of your ability. Be sure to use your Rice email address when creating your account. If you do not, you will not be able to join the Rice University employer page.

3. Hiring preferences: Select what types of majors you are interested in hiring. You can also identify your alma mater. Please note that you must select at least one category before continuing, but this does not limit the students who will see your job postings.

4. Employer disclaimer: To foster a culture of safety and transparency, Handshake requires that all employers follow their guidelines. Indicate that you are not a third-party recruiter and click the ‘Next: Confirm Email’ button to continue.

5. Confirm your email: Wait for a confirmation email. You should receive a confirmation email from Handshake. Please note that the confirmation email can take up to 10 minutes to reach your inbox. If the confirmation email is not in your inbox or spam folder, please contact Rice IT to make sure that you receive this email. You cannot log in to Handshake without it.

6. Select Schools: Once you have confirmed your email, Handshake will ask you to connect with schools. Once you connect with a school on Handshake, you can post jobs. Since we are already connected with Rice University, you will not need to specify any other schools. Click the "Next:Finish" button to continue.

Congratulations! You are officially a member of the Rice University community on Handshake!

How to Post an On-Campus Position on Handshake for Rice Students

To learn how to post and on-campus position for students on Handshake, watch this short video (written instructions are also provided below). If you have not already created an employer account in Handshake, please do so now. Instructions can be found above.

1. Go to Handshake: Once you have created your account, you can sign in to Handshake to post your position.

2. Go to the Jobs Page: Select the "Jobs" button the the left sidebar in order to create your posting. On the jobs page you can view all jobs that are posted by Rice University.

3. Create your Job: Click the "Create Job" button on the upper right hand corner of your screen. This will redirect you to a blank jobs template. Please note that most of the fields will need to be filled out in order for your position to be posted.

Basics: Fill out the following information to the best of your ability...

  • Where should students submit their application? for the ease of you and of the students, select "Apply in Handshake"
  • Job title: Fill in your position title.
  • Company Division: Please specify which division you will be posting this position with. If you cannot find your division, please contact the CCD at
  • Display your contact information to students? If you would like, you can elect to share your contact information with Rice students in your position posting.
  • Job Type: Select the job type "On Campus Student Employment". You must select this job type in order for students to know that this is an on campus work opportunity.
  • Employment Type: Indicate whether your opportunity is Full-Time or Part-Time.
  • Duration: Indicate if your position is permanent or temporary. If your opportunity is only available during the semester or over the summer for example, select "Temporary/Seasonal". Please note that you do not need to fill in the dates of your position.
  • Is this a Work Study job? Select if your position is work study. If you select "Yes", only students eligible for work study will see the job. If you prefer work study students but will consider all students, you can select "No" here and indicate your preference in the job description.

Details: Fill out the following information to the best of your ability...

  • Description: Please provide students with a description of your position. The more detailed your description, the larger your applicant pool.
  • Job role(s): Please select the job role that best fits your position. Please note that the job role you select does not have to perfectly fit the position that you are posting.
  • How many students do you expect to hire for this position? Let Handshake know how many students you would like to hire. Students cannot see this number when applying to your position. If you are unsure of how many you would like to hire, just put "1".
  • Approximate salary: Is your position paid or unpaid? You may choose to include a specific amount, but you may also leave that field blank.
  • Job location: Select your location and if you will allow remote workers.
  • Required documents: This is an optional field that can indicate to students what types of documents they need to apply for your position. Please note that "resume" is selected by default.

Preferences: Fill out any and all preferences you have for this position. Make sure that your name and email are included as applicant package recipients to receive email alerts about applicants. Feel free to add anyone else who would like to receive these notifications.

Schools: Under Schools, you will select which schools you would like to post to. To select Rice University you can either type in “Rice University” in the “search for schools” box or click the “Add Favorite Schools” button. Always be sure to set an expiration date for your post.

Preview: The Preview page allows you to see what our students will see when they find the job in Handsbhake. If you would like to edit anything, please feel free to go back and change your posting.

4. Save your job: When you are ready, select "save". Please note that your job will not be submitted if it is not saved.

Review Applications

To learn how to create an employer account on Handshake, watch this short video (written instructions are also provided below). If you are unsure how to create an employer account or post a job on Handshake, please see the tutorials above.

1. Go to Handshake: Once you have created your account, you can sign in to Handshake to view your posting.

2. Go to the Jobs Page: Select the "Jobs" button the the left sidebar. On the jobs page you can view all jobs that are posted by Rice University.

3. Find your Position: Using the search bar on the upper right corner of the jobs page, search and select your job posting.

4. Go to the Applicants Page: You can view your applicants by selecting the "Review # Applicants" button or by selecting the "Applicants" tab on your posting page.

5. Start Reviewing: On the applicants page, you can see each of your applicants, their name, their school, whether they fit your preferences, the date they applied, and their application status. To review each applicant in more detail, click on their name. There you will see an overview of their profile and any documents you required in your application. If you would like to review your candidates in bulk, click the “export documents” button at the top of your screen. This allows you to download the full application packet. After you are done reviewing a candidate, you can change their application status from “pending” to “reviewed”. Don’t worry, the students do not see whether you have or have not reviewed their application. Once you have made a decision and selected the candidate you would like to hire, change their status to “hired”.

Filters: If you have many candidates for a position and you want to narrow down the pool, you can filter by a number of subcategories, such as majors or skills.

Because students can select which notifications they recieve on Handshake, always be sure to communicate with candidates about their application status outside of Handshake.

Student Employment Job Classifications and Pay Ranges

Student worker job classification image

For more information on what employers can do on Handshake please feel free to contact us at or check out the support page of Handshake.