On-Campus Employment Opportunities

Finding on-campus employment opportunities and work study opportunities is a great way to develop professionally during your undergraduate career.

You can find all on-campus employment and work study opportunities on 12twenty, your one-stop shop for your career development needs.

If you have any questions about locating or securing an on-campus opportunity, please contact us at

How do I find On-Campus/Work Study Employment Opportunities?

1. Log In: Log in to 12twenty using your NetID and password.

2. Jobs Page: Go to the Jobs and Internships Page in 12twenty by clicking on the "Jobs and Internships" tab on the navigation bar.

3. Set your Filters: Choose "Rice Student Employment" in the top navigation bar. The only opportunities that come up will be specifically on-campus opportunities. Please note that only official on-campus opportunities are posted by Rice University.

4. Work Study Opportunities: Rice University has Work Study opportunities available to you on 12twenty! To find Work Study Only opportunities, click "+ Add Filter" and check the box for "Work study". If you have a question about Work Study, please reach out to Rice University's Office of Financial Aid.

Please note that the jobs that are displayed with the "Work Study" filter selected are for work study applicants only. If the department is willing to hire students who are eligible for Work Study, but it is not a requirement, their positions will not be displayed.

For any questions about on-campus employment opportunities, please contact the CCD at