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Thank you for your interest in recruiting at Rice! Rice University uses 12twenty to facilitate employer job and internship postings, event requests, and interview scheduling.

Note: Rice University is transitioning career services platforms Summer 2023. Students will have full access to 12twenty starting on June 26, 2023. If you have postings with an immediate need, you may continue to post to Rice University on Handshake. However, we encourage you to join us on 12twenty today to have the best experience for Fall 2023 recruiting.

Please read our recruiting policies here.


Post full-time jobs and internships for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni, through 12twenty. There is no fee to post positions for Rice students and alumni in 12twenty.

Making the most of your posting

Effective job postings include clear and thorough descriptions, as well as information about what makes your organization unique. We encourage employers to consider the skills they require and keep an open mind about major requirements if possible. You will find that many Rice students have skill sets outside of their majors.

Interested in hiring MBAs? Utilize OWL Careers

If you are interested in hiring Rice MBAs, please contact the Rice Business Career Development Office.

Interested in hiring Alumni? Utilize Sallyportal

Recent Rice graduates have access to 12twenty, but if you're looking for more experienced hires (3+ years), post your opportunities in the Rice Sallyportal, an online hub for the Rice Community. Post your alumni opportunity here.

Questions? Contact us at (713) 348-4055 or