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Information Sessions

Host an Information Session

Information sessions are a great way to promote your company’s opportunities and interact with potential candidates before your interviews. These sessions allow students to get to know your organization beyond the job description. You may also create a specialized session unique to your organization (i.e., alumni panel, interview preparation, simulation, competition, industry-specific panel or presentation).

To request an Information Session, log in to Handshake and select the ‘Create an Event’ button in the center of your screen on the right.

Registration for Spring 2021 is currently live on Handshake!

Select a Date

Spring 2021: January 27 – April 16 (Monday – Thursday)

Unless otherwise noted, sessions will be held virtually, Monday through Thursday at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. or 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

All slot are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Important Recruiting Dates for Spring 2021

No On-Campus Recruiting Events Will Be Scheduled on the Following Dates:

January 25: First day of classes

January 29: CCD's Open House

February 17: Student Break

February 19: Career and Internship Expo

March 1: Student Break

March 16: Student Break

March 26: Student Break

April 8: Student Break

Other Important Dates:

January 25: First Day of Classes

January 27: On-Campus Recruiting Opens

April 1-2: Passover

April 2: Easter

April 16: OCR closes

Information Session Fee

Information Sessions fees are $75 for for-profit organizations and $25 for non-proft or government organizations.

Your registration fee includes a CCD representative to help you with set-up, including creating Zoom links and moderating sessions and inclusion on the CCD marketing schedule.

Host Coffee Chats

Connect one-on-one with Rice talent over a cup of coffee! Coffee Chats are an informal recruiting event that will take place virtually in the Spring semester. We recommend this event to new employers at Rice and to any employers who wish to talk to Rice students individually without the formality of an interview.

To request Coffee Chats, log in to Handshake and select the ‘Create an Event’ button in the center of your screen on the right.

Coffee chats can be hosted "drop-in" style or a schedule can be created to coincide with your event.


Please contact Shelley Hernandez ( Recruiting Coordinator and Alumni Liaison, if you have any questions regarding information sessions.

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