January Jumpstart

Whether you're a freshman looking to grow your career development skills or a senior planning your next steps, January Jumpstart is a great way to kick off the New Year!

January Jumpstart is a week-long event, including live workshops, small group reflections, and resources that will help you discover and pursue professional summer opportunities.

Each day focuses on one theme and will feature 1-2 live workshops, opportunities to practice what you've learned, and organized reflection groups to receive support from your peers and representatives from the Center for Career Development, Center for Civic Leadership, Student Success Initiatives, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry, and Alumni Relations.


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Click here to visit the Forager One Platform, where the event will be hosted.

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Monday, January 11 - ENVISION


12 PM Virtual Workshop: Critical Reflection and Intentional Goal Setting

Kick off January Jumpstart with this workshop. You'll learn how to manage your mindset, both this week and as you start planning for the future.

    Peer Led Reflection Group

    Offered at various times in the evening, facilitated by peer within small, strategic groups. Monday Topic: Community building and goal setting


    Tuesday, January 12 - EXPLORE


    12 PM Virtual Workshop: LinkedIn or Left Out

    Learn how to create an effective LinkedIn profile and leverage it to network, connect with other professionals, and to research and apply for jobs. We will also cover Sallyportal (Rice's exclusive network of mentors willing to help Rice students). By the end of the workshop, you will be able to create your professional LI and Sallyportal profiles in order to effectively network within these platforms.

    4 PM Virtual Workshop: Informational Interviews

    Learn how to reach out and set up informational interviews, including protocol, preparation, research, and follow-up.

    5 - 11 PM: Peer Led Reflection Group (1 hour block, various)

    Offered at various times in the evening, facilitated by peers within small, strategic groups. Tuesday Topic: How to crowdsource your career development


    Wednesday, January 13 - CONNECT


    12 PM Virtual Workshop: Flex Skills

    How can you tie your technical skills to your soft skills? How can you communicate your ability to code while highlighting the communication skills you gained from a group project? This workshop will teach you to create robust examples, using your strengths, for interviews, resumes, and cover letters. 


    4 PM Virtual Presentation: Navigating a Modern Career with Career Expert, Mary Humiston

    The world of work is changing in profound ways with implications for what it takes to successfully navigate a career. This time of significant disruption allows us an opportunity to explore how to stay agile and relevant with new ways to navigate the career journey. Mary Humiston will share practical insider tips and insights from her 30+ years in HR Leadership, last as CHRO Of Rolls Royce, plc., that you can apply immediately at any stage of your career. 


    5 - 11 PM: Peer Led Reflection Group (1 hour block, various)

    Offered at various times in the evening, facilitated by peers within small, strategic groups. Wednesday Topic: Using perspective to frame your values and goals


    Thursday, January 14 - DISCOVER


    12 PM Virtual Workshop: Internship and Job Search

    Gain insight on how to conduct an effective job or internship search, including what you might be missing and what tools and resources are available to help you throughout the process.   

    By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

    • Gain practical tips and advice on how to conduct an effective and efficient internship or job search both in the US and abroad
    • Develop an internship or job search plan of action to maximize your success
    • Explore resources and programs available at your fingertips to simplify the process of finding great opportunities

    1 - 3 PM: Virtual Opportunities Fair

    5 - 11 PM: Peer Led Reflection Group (1 hour block, various)

    Offered at various times in the evening, facilitated by peers within small, strategic groups. Thursday Topic: Identify your support network


    Friday, January 15 - PLAN


    12 PM Virtual Workshop: Formulating an Action Plan

    What will you pursue? Why? What resources will you draw on to support you? In this workshop, you will learn about future resources and go through a readiness assessment checklist. You’ll also have the opportunity to join breakout sessions to explore different medias you can use to plan your next steps.