Externships are back, happening virtually and in person over Winter Break, January 2-5, 2024 or, another time during the Winter Break (dates will be coordinated with the host if matched)! To learn more about the Owl Edge Externship program, click here. READ ALL EXTERNSHIP DESCRIPTIONS HERE.

This semester, we have exciting opportunities with hosts who work for Accenture, Axiom Space, Baylor College of Medicine, NASDAQ, Google, the U.S. Department of State, and so many more!

Keep an open mind as you read the descriptions in 12twenty - especially if more than one path interests you. Many externships fall under multiple career clusters in 12twenty, although listed only once below (along with the host's academic starting point and graduation year, if applicable). You'll see hosts with both linear AND non-linear career paths. We encourage you to explore career paths!

Apply to as many externships as you find interesting (the CCD reads and ranks each application, and an algorithm matches students to an opportunity - the more externships you apply to, the better the chance is of being matched)! Questions?


You can view more about each opportunity and apply in 12twenty.

  1. Start in "Rice Student Employment" tab
  2. Add a filter for "Type of Job" and select "Externship"
  3. Optional: add a filter for "Career Function (Cluster)" and add a cluster
  4. Optional: add a filter for "First Gen Hosts" to see which hosts were the first in their families to graduate college.

Deadline: October 23 at 11:59 pm.

Arts, Communication, and Entertainment

  • Cambria Films-CEO, Executive Producer (Alum, English)
  • Honey Art Cafe-Cafe owner and artist (Alum, Architecture)
  • Houston Chronicle-Audience Producer/Audience Journalist (Alum, English, Theatre)
  • Rice University (and recently NRG Park)-Marketing & Communications Specialist (Alum, Economics & Psychology)
  • Writer (Alum, Physics & Math)

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Computer, IT, and Math

  • Arena-Senior Product Manager (Alum, Computer Science)
  • Canadian Tire (digital & internet commerce)-Vice President - Head of Digital Products (Parent)
  • Chevron Corporation-Digital Product Line Manager (Alum, Business Administration)
  • dev/QA manager (Alum, Electrical Engineering)
  • DispatchHealth-Tech Lead (Alum, Computer Science, Managerial Studies)
  • ExtraHop Networks-UX Designer (Alum, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Google-Sales Engineer & Product Manager (Alum, Electrical Engineering & Math)
  • HP, Inc.-Engineer (Alum, Economics)
  • IT Consulting-CTO, Consultant, DIrector of IT, Director of Application (Alum, Mathematics)
  • Management Controls - Track Software-President (Parent)
  • Nasdaq, Inc.-VP - Application Development (Parent)
  • OpenStax-Product Manager II (Faculty/Staff)
  • Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford-FAIRsharing Content and Community Coordinator (Alum, Ancient Mediterranean Civ., Biology)
  • PROS Inc-Technical Program Manager (Alum, Business Administration)
  • Retired (self-employed) Former VP corporate & business development-Retired (self-employed) Former VP corporate & business development (Alum)
  • Retired. Working career in art photography and multimedia-Retired. Last job title Director of Operations (semiconductor manufacturing and technology development) (Alum, Physics)
  • Schr√∂dinger Inc - biotech-Solutions Architect/Data Scientist (Alum, Data Science, Chemistry)
  • -Data Engineer (Alum, Chemical Physics)
  • Smith-Corporate Recruiter (Community Member/Friend/Recruiter)
  • TechFabric in Gilbert, AZ-Principal Product Strategist (Alum, Policy Studies, Psychology)
  • US Department of Education-Group Leader for Policy (Alum, English, French)
  • Zscaler-CTO-in-Residence (Alum, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

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Education, Nonprofit, and Social Enterprise

  • AJ Tutoring & Walk with Christina-Tutoring Center Director, ADHD Career Coach (Alum, Chemistry & Linguistics)
  • Appalachian Headwaters-Education Director (Alum, Environmental Science and Engineering, History)
  • Awty International School-Alumni Engagement Coordinator (Rice Business Partners, Community Member/Friend/Recruiter, Alum, Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Baltimore City Public Schools-Assistant Principal (Alum, Mathematics and Linguistics)
  • BECS English Conversation School-Head Teacher (Alum, Physics)
  • CHAT (Cultural of Help Advancing Together) -Executive Director (Community Member/Friend/Recruiter)
  • CityWorks DC-Senior Director of Development (Alum, Sociology (Masters))
  • Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory School-English Teacher (Parent)
  • Director , St. Joseph House 501(c)3 social services non profit-Director (Alum, Economics, Management, Psychology)
  • I currently work at an ed-tech company Gravyty. I previously worked in the higher education space for 7+ years.-Account Manager (Community Member/Friend/Recruiter)
  • Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation-CEO (Alum/Member of the School of Sciences Advisory Board, Anthropology)
  • Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast-Community Organizer (Community Member/Friend/Recruiter)
  • Rice University-President (Faculty/Staff)
  • Sacramento New Technology HS-Teacher (Alum, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE)-President & CEO (Alum, Music, Political Science)
  • The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation-Senior Program Associate, Clean Energy and Subsurface Energy Programs (Alum, History, Social Policy Analysis)
  • Western Reserve Academy (Boarding School in Ohio)-Dean of Academic Affairs (Parent)
  • YES Prep Public Schools-Head of Schools (Regional Superintendent) (Alum, Geology Earth Science, General)

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Engineering and Architecture

  • Ad Astra Rocket Company-Aerospace Engineer (Alum, Space Studies)
  • Axiom Space-Portable Life Support System Senior Manager (Alum, Mechanical Eng. & Materials Science)
  • BGE, Inc.-Senior Project Manager (Alum, Civil Engineering)
  • Boeing-Chemical engineer (Alum, Materials Science & Nanoengineering)
  • DEC-Engineer III, Hydrology and Hydraulics Division (Alum, Civil Engineering)
  • Electrical Engineer (Texas Instruments)-TI Fellow (retired) (Alum, Electrical Engineering)
  • Flint Hills Resources-Plant Engineering Lead (Parent)
  • GE Vernova-Lead Controls Engineer (Alum, Materials Science and NanoEngineering)
  • HM Electronics, Inc.-Chief Engineer, Research & Development (Alum, Electrical Engineering)
  • Honeywell/UOP-Lead Program Manager of Projects. (Parent)
  • HP, Inc.-Manager, Core BIOS Firmware (Community Member/Friend/Recruiter)
  • I have been working as a junior architectural designer for a little over a year. I have been working on various projects in different stages of the design process. -Architectural Designer (Alum, Architecture)
  • Kendall/Heaton Associates Inc.-Principal (Alum, Architecture)
  • Lake|Flato Architects-Architect (Alum, Architecture)
  • McGonagill, Lambert & Bay-Executive Vice President (Community Member/Friend)
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Lab-Systems Integration and Test Engineer (Alum, Physics)
  • PEMEX Deer Park Refinery-Causal Learning Focal Point (Parent)
  • pH design-Vice President (Alum, Architecture)
  • Raymond Engineering-Senior Architect (Alum, Architecture)
  • Richard Beard Architects-Associate (Rice Business Partners, Richard who started Richard Beard Architects graduated from Rice)
  • Samsung Austin Semiconductor-Software Engineer (Alum, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Silk Road Medical-R&D Engineer (Alum, Bioengineering)
  • SPEARS HORN ARCHITECTS-Principal Architect / President (Alum, Architecture)
  • Stantec-Director - Asset Integrity Programs (US) (Alum, Business Administration)
  • Sulzer Pumps US Inc.-HR Manager and Compliance Officer (Parent)
  • Testengeer, inc.-Principle Process Engineer (Alum, Chemical Engineering)
  • TexSource-Owner (Alum, Chemical Engineering)
  • Vermeer Corporation-Systems Principal Engineer (Parent)
  • ZGF Architects LLP-Architect, Associate (Alum, Architecture)
  • Ziegler Cooper Architects-Architect (Community Member)

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Finance, Consulting, and Enterprise

  • Accenture-Strategy Analyst (Alum, Bioengineering)
  • Baker Tilly-Manager - Development Advisory Services (Alum, Economics)
  • BuildGroup LLC-Co-founder (Alum, German, Economics)
  • Chevron Technology Ventures-Venture Principal (Alum, Chemical Engineering (undergrad); Masters of Data Science )
  • Concise Capital Management-Principal (Alum, Mathematical Sciences, English, Economics)
  • Condire Investors- (Alum, Chemical Engineering, Political Science)
  • Cypress Associates-Managing Director (Alum, Mathematical Sciences)
  • Deloitte-Tax Partner (Alum, Economics, Managerial Studies)
  • Element Capital Management-Head of Trading (Parent)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas-Sr. Business Systems Analyst (Alum, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Fernweh Group / Ayna AI-Associate Manager (Community Member)
  • First Service Credit Union-Board Member and former Chairman (Alum, Geology, Economics)
  • FORVIS-Director (Alum, MBA)
  • Kimball Electronics, Inc-Vice President Human Resources (Alum, Psychology)
  • Prais+Barnette-Partner (Alum, Chemical Engineering)
  • Private Consultant in Ghana-Consultant (Parent)
  • Public Finance Investment Banking-Managing Director (RBC Capital Markets) (Parent)
  • Real Estate Investor and Developer at Romulus Partners-Managing Partner (Rice Business Partners)
  • Rippling Nature-Sage Strategist (Alum, History)
  • Sound Physicians as a finance/operations leader for the Southwestern quadrant of the US-Regional President (Alum, Psychology)
  • Southwest Airlines-Sr. Mgr., Tech Ops Supply Chain Mgt (Alum, Managerial Studies & Political Science)
  • The Methodist Home-Human Services Professional (Alum, Sociology)
  • Willis Towers Watson-Associate - Corporate Development & Strategy (Alum, Economics & Managerial Studies)

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Public Policy, Government, and Law

  • Baker Institute for Public Policy -Senior Program Advisor, Center for Energy Studies (Alum, Economics)
  • Constellation Energy Corporation-Assistant General Counsel (Alum, English, History)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas-Vice President (Alum, Managerial Studies)
  • Gray Rhino & Company-Founder and CEO (Alum, French, Policy Studies)
  • Greenberg Traurig-Of Counsel (Parent)
  • Harris Co. Pct. 2, Leonel Castillo Community Center-Community Center Manager (Community Member/Friend/Recruiter)
  • Haynes Boone-Senior Counsel (Alum, Anthropology)
  • Lovein Ribman, P.C.-Attorney/Managing Partner (Parent)
  • Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities-Director of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) (Alum, Mathematics & Economics)
  • Morrison Foerster-Senior Talent Development Specialist (Alum, English)
  • New York State Unified Court System-Special Referee (Alum, English)
  • Pathway Capital Management-Vice President and Assistant General Counsel (Parent)
  • Retired-U.S. Ambassador, retired (Alum, History)
  • Skelton & Blackstone Attorneys, LLC-Partner (Alum, Classics)
  • Social Security Administration-Administrative Law Judge (Alum, English)
  • Texas Office of Homeland Security within the Texas Department of Public Safety-Critical Infrastructure Protection Coordinator (Parent)
  • Toyota Motor North America-Senior manager international tax and tax counsel (Parent)

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Sciences and Health

  • Abbott Laboratories-Divisional Vice President, Research & Development (Alum)
  • Austin Southwest Ob/Gyn-Physician (Parent)
  • Baylor College of Medicine-Assistant Professor (Parent)
  • Baylor College of Medicine-Research Coordinator (Alum, Cognitive Sciences)
  • BCM/Texas Children's Hospital-Associate Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Medical Director, Simulation (Alum, Biology)
  • Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine-Fourth-Year Medical Student (Alum, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Economics, Managerial Studies)
  • Cleveland Clinic Florida-Physician (Alum, Biology)
  • Elsevier-Senior Vice President, Business Operations (Parent, Rice Business Partners, Community Member/Friend/Recruiter)
  • Founder of my own consulting company-Founder and Managing Director (Alum, Chemistry)
  • GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines-Regulatory Affairs (Alum, Environmental Science & Eng. )
  • Heights Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics AND Smiles For Kids Pediatric Dentistry-Pediatric Dentist & Business Owner (Alum, Biology, Slavic Languages)
  • I am a self-employed dentist with multiple dental office locations in Illinois.-Dentist (Parent)
  • I own my own business-Psychologist/Owner (Community Member)
  • IKON Environmental Solutions-Director of Sales and Marketing (Community Member)
  • IQuEST (Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness and Safety)-Health Science Specialist (Community Member/Friend)
  • MD Anderson Department of Critical Care-M. D. ; Associate Professor (Alum, Biology)
  • Medical University of South Carolina -Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics (Community Member)
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center-Attending Pediatric Oncologist (Parent)
  • Merck-Vaccine Packaging Technical Operations Lead (Alum, Chemical Engineering)
  • My husband and I own and operate our private dental practice for 24 yrs-Dentist (Parent)
  • My own private Family Medicine practice, Archway Family Medicine-Family Medicine Physician (Alum, Cognitive Science)
  • MycoTechnology-CTO (Parent)
  • Novartis Gene Therapies -Associate Director (Parent)
  • Ohio University-Associate Professor of Athletic Training, Director of Science and Health in Artistic Performance (Alum, Health & P.E.)
  • Press Ganey-Transformation Consultant (Parent)
  • Retina Vitreous Center-Vitreoretinal Surgeon (Ophthalmologist) (Parent)
  • Santa Clara Valley Medical Center-Vice Chair, Radiology (Parent)
  • self - Medical office at Scurlock Tower - Methodist-Physician (Community Member)
  • Southwest Asthma and Allergy Associates-Physician - Allergy/Immunology (Alum, Economics/Pre-Med)
  • Texas Children's Hospital-Speech-Language Pathologist (Alum, Hispanic Studies, Linguistics)
  • TIP Consultants-Medical Device Executive / Founder (Alum, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Tohme Consulting (& Shell) -Founder, Principal and Co (Parent (Alberto); Alum (Carmen), Chemistry (Dr. Reznik))
  • University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus-Professor (Parent)
  • University of Utah Health-Assistant Professor; Integrative Medicine Faculty Physician (Alum, Religious Studies)

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The Owl Edge Externship Program welcomes students of all ethnicities and natural origins, gender and gender identities, sexual orientations, classes, religions, and disabilities. Externship participants who have a disability or other condition necessitating accommodation are encouraged to discuss their needs with the program administrator, Alexander Rodriguez --