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Career Planning


Making an effective decision about your career or other post graduate plans involves more than knowing what you’re good at. It is equally important to consider your interests, personality, and values. Additionally, what industries or fields best fit your interests and talents? What goals do you have for the next five, ten, or twenty years, and what steps should you take to accomplish those goals? Should you go to graduate school now or gain valuable work experience first? The CCD counselors can help you to learn more about yourself and to translate that knowledge into informed decisions about your future.


The first step in making an effective career decision and in developing a plan to achieve those goals is to explore the following areas:

  • Interests - Identify how they motivate you to participate in certain projects and activities.
  • Personality - Better understand your optimal work style and environment.
  • Values - Become aware of how they impact work and life choices.
  • Professional Identity - Develop your professional image and understand its impact upon your professional advancement.

This may include taking some of the assessments that can help you identify and understand your interests and personality preferences. The two most commonly given are the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

After the initial meeting with a counselor, you will complete the assessments online. Then you will schedule follow-up appointments with the counselor to discuss the results and how they may apply to your Rice experience.


The CCD staff can also assist you in learning about the range of options available to you and in the selection and timing of graduate school or other professional training:

  • Determine which professional fields and industries provide the kind of work and environment that fits you best.
  • Assess if graduate school fits into your short term and long term plans.


Post-Graduate Advising includes interactive individual appointments that engage in the learning process to assist you in decision-making regarding your long and short-term goals. This process may, at your discretion, include several assessments. Working with the CCD staff, you will create a professional development strategy for your life at Rice and beyond.