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How To Prepare and What to Expect 

CCD is focused on assisting students with  Career Development, Professional Communication, and Employment Research. Under each of these areas are the specific topics listed below.  When you request an appointment in RICElink: Powered by Handshake, you'll choose from these for the "Counseling Type" field.

Here's more information about your appointment and how to prepare:

Assessment Initial Overview (Strong, MBTI) - 30 Min 

Assessments are tools that can be used if you’re unsure of what to major in, need clarification on possible post graduate plans, or want to gain understanding of what a good fit is for you.  During your first appointment with a counselor to discuss assessments, you will discuss the purpose of the assessments and the counselor will learn more of your background and areas of interest as it pertains to your career exploration before you are given the information to take the tests.  Find more information here.

Assessment Interpretation Follow-Up (Strong, MBTI) - 50 Min 

The CCD staff can interpret your assessment results after you have obtained the instructions provided during the Assessment Initial Overview appointment.  Each Assessment Interpretation Appointment provides enough time to review one completed assessment.   If you and your counselor decided it would be best to take both the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, then you will need to schedule two Assessment Interpretation Follow-up appointments.  Be sure to take the assessments at least 24 hours in advance to your appointment.   Find more information here. 

Major/Career Path Exploration - 50 Min 

The CCD can assist you with exploring and identifying your personality type, interest, strengths, and values as they relate to possible career paths.  In this meeting, we can explore various careers, majors, minors, or career-related activities together to help guide you though this sometimes-confusing process.  Please bring any ideas or plans you have considered with you to this appointment, if you have them.  If you do not, that is perfectly fine!  We can begin the exploration process together from the start.  For academic planning assistance or questions regarding courses, please visit the Office of Academic Advising

Career Gear/Dress for Success Referral - 30 Min 

 The CCD partners with two community organizations, Career Gear Houston and Dress for Success Houston to assist students who may have barriers in obtaining professional business attire.  A referral appointment with the CCD is needed in order to participate in either beneficial program.  During this appointment, we will discuss the programs in more depth, including the process and procedures for each organization in order to obtain services.  If you are struggling to afford professional attire for an upcoming interview, career fair, or job, please do not hesitate to meet with the CCD! 

Employment Exploration (Job Search) - 50 Min   

The CCD counselors can help you to better understand your interests and needs as you consider your postgraduate career plans and options. Your first appointment will consist of the counselor getting to know you and your interests better, and you will discuss resources and options such as career assessments. Employment Exploration is a process and may require one or several appointments during your time here at Rice, depending on where you are in the exploration process.  Also, it may be helpful to view the Vault Guides on Industries and Companies that pertain to your interests to help propel the discussion further. Find more information here.      

Graduate School Exploration - 50 Min

The CCD can assist you with understanding the application process for graduate schools and discuss if graduate school is the right decision for you and your career goals. Please bring any research that you have already conducted to your appointment. Visit this page to read a Guide to Graduate School and Graduate School from a Student's Perspective. Vault also has an Education tab that has a lot of information about furthering your education in graduate school, medical school, business school, etc.

Internship Exploration - 50 Min

Internships are evermore important in the professional development journey of undergraduate and graduate students.   Securing an internship during your time at Rice University is a wonderful way to gain professional working experience while exposing yourself to the world of work. We've also listed several resources available for you to utilize as you search for internship opportunities.  Please take some time to explore these resources before your appointment.

Mock Interview - 50 Min

Mock interviews are conducted in-person during this appointment.  We will spend about 30-40 min going over interview questions tailored to the position, graduate school, or program to which you are applying. In order to be more comfortable during the actual interview, please come dressed as you would for a true interview. Review the interviewing and behavioral interviewing guides before your appointment so the CCD staff can provide you a critique that will help advance your understanding and performance.

Professional Correspondence Review (Cover Letter, Email...) - 30 Min

The CCD staff can help to strengthen your professional documents, such as your cover letter and resume.  Please review the guides and bring a hard copy to the appointment if you have one prepared, so they can provide you with more concrete suggestions and improvements. If you do not have any documents developed already, you may still come in to discuss the process of developing effective documents.  A follow up appointment to review the final product may be necessary.  Other professional correspondence review assistance includes LinkedIn assistance, networking outreach messages, and job offer negotiation documents. 

Resume, CV Review - 30 Min

 A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is an essential part of the job search process, as it serves as the primary way employers evaluate your professional qualifications as they relate to the position.  Serving as your best marketing tool, a poorly organized or clumsily worded resume or CV can rule you out of the running for many positions.  Therefore, it is essential that your resume reflect the best of you. Please bring a copy of your resume to your appointment. Also, review the resume guide & use Optimal Resume - a resume building tool - (located in the Resources section of RICElink: Powered by Handshake) to maximize the effectiveness of your appointment.