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Final Fridays

The CCD Final Fridays are special sessions held around the last Friday of each month. Topics are specific to the graduate student job search as well as professional communication (CVs, resumes, and interviewing). 

January 20, 2017 | 12pm-2pm | Huff 107 | Final Friday: Opportunity Search Strategy

  What is your wining Personal Value Proposition?  How to deploy your Personal Value Proposition to make your search for a new opportunity a success?  The Opportunity Search Seminar is drawn from Bill Barnett's teach at the MBA programs at Rice and Yale and from his book "The Strategic Career: Let Business Principles Guide You".  You'll gain insights into how to think about career strategy, you'll apply some of the career strategy tools to yourself, you'll critique the way classmates have applied the tools to themselves, and you'll benefit from their critiques of your work.  You'll leave with ideas for what to do next to strengthen your opportunity search strategy.  Like everything in school, the insight you get into your career choices will reflect the effort you put in.  

January 27, 2017 | 12pm-1pm | Huff 107 | Final Friday: How to Approach the Expo as a Graduate Student

In this Final Friday Session, we will discuss ways to make a lasting impression with employers at the Career Expo.  We will also share tips on how to sell your skills, education, and experience to employers who may be focusing on hiring undergraduates.  Finally, we will discuss ways to best prioritize your targeting employers and organizational research strategies. 

February 24, 2017 | 12pm-1pm | Huff 107 | Final Friday: Diversifying your Experience in Graduate School 

Graduate school is demanding and balancing present priorities with future goals can be a challenge.  Join us in a discussion on how to best position yourself during graduate school for success after graduation, and what types of experiences you can get involved with on and off campus to complement your education.  We will outline a road map of the most important steps you can take between welcome orientation and your final defense to ensure you reach your professional goals. 

March 31, 2017 | 12pm-1pm | Huff 107 | Final Friday: Beyond the Hedges: Alternative Careers for Natural Science & Engineering 

Sometimes it can be hard to see yourself outside of academia, especially if that is all you have ever known.  In this session, we will discuss both common and uncommon career paths outside of academic for both Masters and PhD students in Natural Science & Engineering.  We will also discuss steps to take within and beyond the hedges to best prepare you for these types of careers.  While this session is open to all Non-MBA graduate students, we will be focusing on careers that will likely require educational or experiential backgrounds in engineering or the sciences.  

Past Sessions:

November 18, 2016: Growing and Maintaining your Network throughout your Graduate Career 

 October 28, 2016: Making the Most of your Industry Job Search

September 30, 2016: CV to Resume & Resume to CV Conversion

 March 25, 2016: Professionalism & Career Management Panel

February 26, 2016:  The Power of Networking

January 29, 2016: How to Approach the Expo as a Graduate Student 

Please check the CCD Events Calendar for dates.