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Why Rice?

Rice is considered one of the nation’s premier institutions of higher education. Here’s why:

Why Rice?
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Rice University is consistently ranked among the top twenty national universities by U.S. News and World Report. As a result, Rice attracts students of the highest caliber from around the country and the world: currently eighteen percent of our students come from outside the United States, representing 88 different countries.

Rice students are ambitious, as well as bright, and are driven to succeed in all their endeavors. Being part of a community dedicated to research and continual learning encourages students to be investigative. A high number of students engage in undergraduate research and honors theses, which illustrate their initiative and commitment to their areas of study.

Rice’s small class size creates an environment of healthy competition while also allowing students to build close relationships with their peers. Students develop a strong identity and commitment to their respective residential colleges - skills that can translate into positive team building and loyalty in the workplace.

By living in Houston, students also benefit from numerous cultural and multi-national experiences. Many choose to volunteer or become involved in the larger community through a myriad of interests and activities. Beyond social development, these interactions allow students to appreciate active citizenship. In addition to local involvement, about forty percent of Rice students in recent years have chosen to study abroad at one point during their enrollment at Rice.

When recruiting for their organization, we encourage employers to actively research Rice’s degree plans and student population. Recruiters may review Rice's academic departments as well as specific degrees and coursework (on that page, select one of the options in the left column). They may also research the student body to learn more about Rice’s diverse population.

Lastly, it is important to note that Rice students commit to the university's honor code, which fosters a strong sense of integrity and ethics in each individual. This standard of ethics, along with their academic studies and extracurricular activities, help students to hone their leadership abilities, organizational skills, and confidence, making them well-rounded, diligent, and proactive candidates for the most challenging professional opportunities.


An M.A., M.S., or Ph.D. from Rice equates to more than in-depth knowledge of a specific subject. Graduate students at Rice pursuing professional and scholarly degrees acquire widely applicable skills that are just as useful in business and industry as they are in academia. By contributing to research at the cutting edge of his or her chosen field, a master's or Ph.D. candidate develops highly sought after collaborative problem-solving skills. The ability to organize and implement an ambitious project and devise original and creative solutions to complicated problems is an invaluable asset for anyone working in a complex professional environment.