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Registration for Spring 2015 will open in RICElink on November 3, 2014. On-campus recruiting (OCR) for Spring 2015 runs January 26 through April 17. If you need to interview prior to January 26, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note that resume deadlines for interviews prior to January 26 will fall over winter break. Interviews are held Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Interviews take place in the five interview rooms at the Huff House. If your needs are such that you require additional rooms, we will make extra efforts to accommodate your requests elsewhere on campus. We cannot, however, guarantee alternate spaces on a particular date outside of this building. There are no fees for interviewing.

No Interviews Will Be Scheduled on the Following Dates:        
February 6: Spring 2015 Career & Internship Expo
March 2 - 6: Spring Break
March 13: Recruiter Chili Cook-Off & Career Carnival
March 31: Texas Job Fair
April 2 - 3: Mid-term Recess
Other Important Dates:
January 12: First Day of Classes
January 26: On-Campus Recruiting Opens
April 17: Last Day of On-Campus Recruiting
April 24: Last Day of Classes


The Center for Career Development (CCD) uses RICElink to assist you in managing your on-campus interview schedule. Log in or create a new account.

From the RICElink home page, go to the Quick Link titled “Request Campus Interview Schedule(s).” Then, complete your request including the date and the position(s) for which you will be interviewing. For a detailed description of the OCR Models, please review the list below. Once your schedule is approved by the CCD, you will receive a confirmation email including parking details and building location.

You are welcome to interview students in your local offices (in person or via Skype) and still use RICElink to schedule your interviews. When completing your request, simply designate “Off Campus” in the “Location” field. You may also instruct students to apply via your company’s website. However, in order to utilize the interview scheduling function in RICElink, you must also collect resumes in RICElink.


When creating your schedule request in RICElink, you can choose from the following OCR Models: Preselect
From the students who have applied, you will select and "invite" students to sign up for an interview on your schedule.

Preselect to Alternate
You will "invite" students, as well as alternates, to sign up for an interview on your schedule.
*Please note, if you utilize this model, alternates will be able to sign up in the last two days that your schedule is open, regardless of whether or not your preselected candidates have signed up by that date. If your preselected candidates haven't signed up by that time, their spot may be taken by an alternate.

Resume Collect
Students can drop their resume to your position posted in RICElink but you will manage your schedule on your own and not through RICElink.

Room Reservation Only
You will not use RICElink to manage your schedule or collect resumes. This is typically utilized to reserve space in our building for second round interviews.

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We are happy to help you market the positions for which you're interviewing to Rice students. You may email us a flyer and/or two to three sentence description about your opportunity. We will distribute the flyer across campus, and also post it on our social media sites. A two to three sentence description will be included in our weekly newsletter to students and faculty, and also posted on our social media sites. You might also consider advertising in the student newspaper, The Rice Thresher.


To help streamline your scheduling process, we've created a chart that lets you know all of your deadlines in advance.


Week 1: Jan 26 - 30
Week 2: Feb 2 -5
Week 3: Feb 9 - 13
Week 4: Feb 16 - 20
Week 5: Feb 23 - 27
Week 6: Mar 9 - 12
Week 7: Mar 16 - 20
Week 8: Mar 23 - 27
Week 9: Mar 30 - Apr 1 
Week 10: Apr 6 - 10
Week 11: Apr 13 - 17
Resume Submit End

Jan 11
Jan 18
Jan 25
Feb 1
Feb 8
Feb 22
Mar 1
Mar 8
Mar 15
Mar 22
Mar 29  
Employer Select Start

Jan 12
Jan 19
Jan 26
Feb 2
Feb 9
Feb 23
Mar 2
Mar 9
Mar 16
Mar 23
Mar 30  
Employer Select End

Jan 14
Jan 21
Jan 28
Feb 4
Feb 11
Feb 25
Mar 4
Mar 11
Mar 18
Mar 25
Apr 1  
Student Preselect Start

Jan 15
Jan 22
Jan 29
Feb 5
Feb 12
Feb 26
Mar 5
Mar 12
Mar 19
Mar 26
Apr 2  
Student Alternate Start

Jan 20
Jan 27
Feb 3
Feb 10
Feb 17
Mar 3
Mar 10
Mar 17
Mar 24
Mar 31
Apr 7  

Jan 21
Jan 28
Feb 4
Feb 11
Feb 18
Mar 4
Mar 11
Mar 18
Mar 25
Apr 1
Apr 8