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Resume Books

To complement your other recruiting efforts at Rice, the CCD can grant you access to electronic resume books through RICElink. Please email us to request access. Be sure to include which books you would like access to. We will send you a user agreement and grant you access upon agreement. You’ll need a RICElink account to access the books. If you don’t yet have a RICElink account, select ‘New Registration’ on the RICElink login box on your left.

Resume book categories include:

  • Alumni: Graduated 2004 - 2014
  • Students interested in Banking & Finance
  • Students interested in Consulting
  • Bioengineering Majors
  • Business Minors
  • Computer Science & Electrical Computer Engineering Majors
  • May 2015: All Graduating Students (includes Graduate Students)
  • May 2015: All Graduating Seniors
  • May 2016: Current Juniors

Access to resume books will not be granted to third-party recruiters.