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Resume Books

To complement your other recruiting efforts at Rice, the CCD can grant you access to electronic resume books through RICElink. You must have a RICElink account to access Resume Books. The Center for Career Development grants authorized employers (principals only - no third parties or agencies) a limited and terminable right to access and use Resume Books for the purpose of seeking candidates for employment.

Resume Book Policies:

  • You may not sell, transfer, or provide access to Resume Books to any person or entity outside of your organization.
  • When contacting potential candidates sourced from Resume Books, you must provide sufficient details up from to convert clearly to the candidate the name of your organization, your role, and the nature and requirements of your opportunity. Contacts or emails that encourage the user to "email for details" or that are otherwise inappropriate are not permitted.
  • You may not contact candidates from Resume Books to post false, inaccurate, or misleading information; post advertisements or solicitations of business for employment in the pornography industry; post chain letters or scam opportunities; or post opinions or notices.
  • Your communication to candidates may not contain:
    • Copyrighted material
    • Trade secrets, or material that infringes on or misappropriates any other intellectual property rights, or violates the privacy or publicity rights of others.
    • Anything that is sexually explicit, obscene, libelous, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or anything offensive to another person or entity.

We will grant you access to our default resume book which contains all current students. The default resume book can be filtered to narrow down your search by many categories such as major, class level, graduation date, and keywords. If you would like a customized resume book, we can grant you access to a customized resume book containing students within your screening criteria. Example resume book categories include: 

  • Alumni
  • Students interested in Banking & Finance
  • Students interested in Consulting
  • Bioengineering Majors
  • Business Minors
  • Computer Science & Electrical Computer Engineering Majors
  • May 2015: All Graduating Students (includes Graduate Students)
  • May 2015: All Graduating Seniors
  • May 2016: Current Juniors
The CCD reserves the right to refuse or terminate Resume Book service to any recruiters and/or their companies who do not comply with the terms and conditions noted. Any violations of this policy may also result in termination of the RICElink service.