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Mentoring Opportunities

There are many ways you can share your Unconventional Wisdom and professional experience to help current Owls take flight!


Sign up HERE for the following mentoring opportunities:

Practice Your Pitch & Resumayhem
January 26, 2018  ·  12:00 noon - 4:00 p.m. and    
January 31, 2018  ·  11:00 am - 2:00 p.m.   
During Practice Your Pitch & Resumayhem, you will meet with students for a series of brief, 10-15 minute resume reviews or help them with their elevator pitch.  Our CCD staff will provide you with materials and a quick training overview before the event.  Students will arrive and be helped on a first come first served basis by CCD staff, you, and your fellow OWL Career Mentors.

 OWL Career Mentor Nest at the Fall Career & Internship Expo
February 2, 2018  ·  10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.   
As an OWL Career Mentor volunteer at the Nest, you can help students practice their elevator pitch, hand shake, and eye contact, and offer encouragement before the students head to the Expo floor.  Often students are nervous, or don't know what they are going to say when they approach the recruiters at the Expo.  The OWL Career Mentor Nest gives students an opportunity to stop and speak with a volunteer about how to approach an employer and practice.

Exploring Career Clusters Panelist
Various dates 
Spend a lunch hour introducing students to careers in your "career cluster".  Over the academic year, the CCD will host a panel on each of the following career clusters:  Arts, Communication and Entertainment; Education, Nonprofit, and Social Enterprise; Public Policy, Government, and Law; Engineering and Architecture; Sciences and Health; Finance, Consulting, and Enterprise; and Computer, Information Technology, and Mathematics.

Host an Owl Edge Externship · Click HERE

Host an Owl Edge Internship · Click HERE
Summer 2017 


Join Sallyportal
OWL Career Mentors serve as a resource to educate Rice students on career related topics, connect with students to expand their network, and empower students to confidently negotiate the professional world. Learn more and join the OWL Career Mentor Network.

Provide Career Mentoring
Students will not only use this group to ask questions, but also to network and connect with professional in their same field of study, and in their target industry or company to learn about the application of their studies in the “real world.” Students have been given guidelines on how to appropriately and professionally message group members they are interested in connecting with or learning from. A student may contact you for a quick question, to try and set up an informational interview, or to ask for insight into a particular company or industry. These discussions can take place through LinkedIn messaging, face-to-face, by phone, email, or via Skype, according to the preferences of both you and the student.

Should a student message you, please respond to them in a timely manner and answer their inquiries to the best of your ability. If the timing is inconvenient or you are too busy to help a student at the time they message you, you can politely inform the student that now is not a convenient time for you. You could even suggest someone else for them to reach out to if you know of someone who might be a good fit to answer their question. Please note that no student should contact you for the purpose of asking for a job. Although jobs and internships are possible outcomes of networking through the OWL Career Mentor Network, they are not expected.

Write Career-Related Articles
The Center for Career Development is building a blog with articles with stories, advice, and insight from OWL Career Mentors. These articles share professional success stories and lessons learned along the way. We would love for you to write a brief article about:

  • Your industry (i.e. trends and topics students should be aware of)
  • A typical day in your job (i.e. A Day in the Life of...an Accountant, Physician, Journalist, etc.)
  • Lessons you learned during your job search
  • Advice on how to successfully network, interview, search for a job, find an internship, break into your industry, etc.
  • What it’s like to live in a different geographic area or culture

If you are interested in writing an article for students to be posted on our blog, contact Katelyn Holm, Marketing and Events Specialist.