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Career Research: Academic Links


Below you will find some helpful links to get you started with researching academic careers and opportunities. Pleasecontact us if you have any questions.

Tenure Track 

Tenure-Track Faculty Positions at Teaching and Research Institutions (from the Chronicle of Higher Education):

• How to Write a Statement of Teaching Philosophy

• What's Your Philosophy on Teaching, and Does it Matter?

• Interviewing at a Teaching Focused University

From the Iowa State University Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching:

• How to Document Your Teaching

• Recommended Teaching Portfolio Contents

• Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Non-Tenure Track 

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

• Administration: Are you Ready for the Ride?

• Alternatives to Adjunct Work

• Becoming a Librarian

• Careers in Academic Libraries

• Careers for Humanities PhDs in Museums

• Falling into an Admissions Career

• Getting into Administration

• Interviewing for a Jab at a Community College

• Landing Your First Development Job

• Navigating the Alternative Teaching Market

• Online Resources for Careers in Academic Administration

• The Community-College Job Search

• The 'Other' Life on Campus, or How to Become an Academic Administrator

• Turning PhDs into Librarians

Sample Community College Job Listings

• Community College Web

• The Community College Job Board

• American Association of Community Colleges Career Center

Sample State-Specific Sites

• California Community College Job Board

• Colorado Community College System

Houston-area Community Colleges

• Houston Community College System

• San Jacinto College District

• Wharton County Junior College

• Lee College

• Alvin Community College

• College of the Mainland

• Brazosport College

• Galveston College